Sound Artists (short bio):


Finnish artists
Jaakko Junnila
, born in Oulu 1989, has written and published electro-acoustic solo material under own name and pseudonym Hand Eye Machine. Other active and sleeping projects contain Tungsten, Internet, Kiva Talo, Elektronisen Patologian Laitos, Resonoi, HJS and Vaimu etc. Publishing music through Transparent Liverbox and Hirvirantapes labels. Has been active part of new experimental scene and event organising in Oulu since early 2010’s. Inspired by found sounds and silent places.


Jukka Ruohomäki, born in Helsinki 1947, is a self-educated electronic music composer. Ruohomäki's musical experiments began in the late 1960s. He worked at the University of Helsinki’s electronic music studio since 1970, led by Erkki Kurenniemi and he was responsible for the studio in 1973-1986. He has also worked for the Finnish Broadcasting Company's Experimental Studio and at the Sibelius Academy's electronic music studio. In the 1980s Ruohomäki focused on computer graphics but again began to compose in the 1990s. He currently lives and works in Oulu.


Ana Gutieszca , born in Mexico 1984, is a visual & sound artist working in the fields of drawing, performance and experimental music technologies. By addressing the question of the animal and embracing the otherness, she unifies drawing & sound; sculpting the unfathomable boundaries of drawing through the creation of analog and digital instruments, the sonification of graphite and its deconstruction into performance art. She is a founder member of Third Space; a gallery located in Helsinki where curates the Sound Room project.


Swedish artists:
Fabio Monni, born in Sardinia 1976. As an artist I focus on exploring the psycological aspects of sound. My research in music relate to the many relationships between sound and space. The space in this context is both the classical concert space and the virtual/perceived space for the audience as well as different types of spaces where music is normally performed (museums, art spaces etc). During 2017 I will collaborate with Teater Mutation in Malmö in the project “Konvergens” with support from the Swedish Arts Council and Swedish Writers guild.


Alessandro Perini (1983, Italy) makes instrumental and electronic music, audiovisual and light-based works, net-art, land-art and vibration-based works. His compositions have been played in festivals such as Biennale di Venezia (Italy), Festival Futura (France), Open Spaces (Germany), Connect Festival and New Directions (Sweden), Procesas (Lithuania), UNM 2012 (Iceland), Moscow Forum and ReMusik (Russia), Tempus Fugit and Terra Distat (Argentina). He has been teaching courses in audiovisual production for the arts at the Conservatory of Como (Italy) and in the Composition department (electronic music course) at the Music Academy of Malmö, as well as in workshops in Italy, Argentina and Bolivia.


Leif Jordansson: Composer, sound artist and writer who has composed for film, theatre, ballet and installations in the nordic countries and Europe. Since 15 years artistic director for The Great Learning Orchestra, a Stockholm based orchestra playing music in-between composed and improvised music and that often collaborates with painters and other artists. LJ have created different projects for GLO: ”A4-room” (published as a book/box 2015) and ”Miniatures”, a collection of 56 one minute long compositions (will be released on a double vinyl 2017).,


Jakob Riis (b. 1964 in Denmark). Laptop musician, trombone player, improviser, composer. Active in the experimental fields of electro-acoustic music, sound art, improvisation and contemporary composition. He has worked with a wide range of different types of ensembles and sonic outfits: acousmonium, big band, chamber orchestra, mobile multichannel loudspeaker orchestra, solo laptop and sound installations, to mention a few...


Kajsa Magnarsson (b. 1985 in Sweden) is a Swedish sound artist, performer and curator. She lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. Kajsa Magnarsson is interested in the now. Her work and pieces are products of current events. Music and art is her way to process what happens around her and she is not afraid to let her emotions shine through, be it anger, sadness or joy. With that being said, she does not want to project an opinion on the audience but rather encourage them to think for themselves. Magnarsson works in many different fields, from making films and sound installations to gigging at night clubs with her electro-clash alter ego, La Katla.


Noise against Fascism aka Mathias Kristersson (b. 1979) is based in Malmö, Sweden, where he recieved his Master of Fine Arts at Malmö Art Academy in 2006. Studies include a year at the College of Architecture and the Arts, University of Illinois at Chicago.


Funkhaus Lund is the only purely electroacoustic composition studio in Lund. The studio is run by David Åkesson and Nicklas Lundberg, both acclaimed musicians with experience from different areas. In Funkhaus Lund they create workflows, music pieces, soundscapes and totally new intstruments. In the studio esthetics, idioms and genres are all mixed, from Stockhausen via Palestrina to Max Roach.

Kirsti Øibakken Pedersen aka Kirsti Meiers utmanar ljudet och musikens förmåga att fungera som bärande element i fältet mellan människor. Kirsti undersöker och utmanar denna möjlighet i olika former som tex i uppsättningen av den interaktiva pianoinstallation COME PLAY WITH ME!, i skapandet av musik till pjäser (teater Sagohuset) och poesi (bl.a. 2Mothers in a car wash) och som solo artist.   Kommunikationen av en vis stämning dikterar musiken som är en blandning av elektronik, samplingar och looping blandat med röst, akustisk piano og fender rhodes. I samarbetet med serietecknaren Gonzalo Rodher under Sound Disturbance festivalen tolkas en av Meiers låtar där verktygen är improvisation med skuggspel, text, animationer, röst, ljus, samplingar och flygel. 

Kirsti är utbildat master i musikterapi från Aalborg Universitet och har sedan 2011 varit aktiv som artist, låtskrivare, ljudkonstnär och producent. 


Danish Artists:
Jonas Olesen
, Composer and soundartist based in Copenhagen Denmark.


Cristian Vogel (founder of NeverEngine Labs™) is a long-term innovator in the composition, mixing and performance of electronic sounds. Spanning over two decades at the vanguard of European electronic music, his work has been acknowledged as an outstanding influence in the fields of composition for stage, club culture and studio. Cristian is passionate about Kyma™ and has been studying the system since 2005.



Norwegian Artists:
Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel
is an artist and musician based in Tromsø, Northern Norway. He works in a broad spectrum of mediums, experimenting with the borders between performance and sculpture, film and music. Wenzel investigates perceptions of reality, how they come to exist and how they can be modified, wether they come from personal perspectives, technological development, politics or fantasies. His works are manifested in a process of merging art, play and life: balancing fragility and dissonance, transcending fiction and reality. Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel is the co-founder of PHUTURE CLUB, an art collective and publishing house established in 2013 as a collaborative platform for digital art and experimental music. He is also active in the multimedia duo Tokyo Twins, who are currently recording their debut album «Let be Phantasee».

Margrethe Iren Pettersen ( Tromsø,1977) is a florist and has a Bachelor from the Academy of Contemporary art in Tromsø. Pettersen often use a place, a plant or an organism as her starting point in her work. She work process-based and her project is often connected. She collect plants, sounds and other materials, does field-recordings and interview people from different professions (scientist, botanist, biologist). Interdisciplinary, self-organized and collaboration is keywords for her practice. Her Sami roots and the oral tradition of knowledge dissemination in the north is methods she brought into her work lately. She looks into different ways of disclosing art. Her work turns out in many different forms from outdoor happenings, cultivation projects (hageninbetween) soundwalks or more traditional pieces in a gallery.


Islandic Artists:
Áki Ásgeirsson (born in 1975 in Keflavík, Iceland) is a composer of both instrumental and electronic music. His music has been performed by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and musicians such as Michael Manion and the Norwegian POING ensemble. Áki has been active as a trumpet player, mostly with experimental improvisation ensembles. He developed the SensorTrumpet, an electronic trumpet with add-on's to interact with a computer.Software projects include GeMusE, a realtime interactive notation rendering program. It eliminates the use of paper in music performance, replacing it with a VGA monitor (LCD or a video projector), which allows the performer to interact instantly with the score. Áki is a co-founder of Aton Ensemble, S.l.a.t.u.r. (an Icelandic composers' group), Saeborg (an improvisation unit), Kokteilsosa (a concert series) and other bands and institutions.



Visual artists/Comic book writers:
Gonzo Rodher aka Gonzalo de las Heras
(Madrid, 1994) is a visual artist from Spain. Graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid in 2016, now lives in Malmö where he makes comics with CBK (C'est Bon Kultur) and Tusen Serier. He is also into street art/muralism and has worked as art director/production designer in several film projects as well.


Wormgod aka Mattias Elftorp, Creator of the postapocalyptic cyberpunk comic Piracy is Liberation, angrily political Arg Kanin (Angry Animals) and other books such as Me & my Daddy & Zlatan, Transgressions, After the ends of the world, The Troll, etc. Active in the comics/art collectives CBK, Tusen Serier and Wormgod. In 2011, Wormgod organized the first TRAUMA noise festival in Malmö.




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