C-Y (ContemporarY) is an artist run Swedish interdisciplinary association for and of people active in contemporary music and sound art in Malmö. C-Y was founded in 2007 and has since arranged some 150-200 music and arts events, released nine albums and commissioned a large number of new works. An important goal for the association is to instigate collaborations bewteen its members, and the hope is to find new artistic expressions. The majority of the events organized by C-Y is created by the members or in a high percentage involving its members.


Inter Arts Centre is a platform for artistic research and experimentation, part of the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts at Lund University. It acts as a meeting place and a work space for researchers and artists who use the facilities for short or long term projects. IAC also offers four residency programmes in cooperation with partner institutions.
IAC was established in 2010 and is located on the third and fourth floor of the old Mazetti chocolate factory in central Malmö. The space includes sound, video and artist studios, an exhibition hall, and rooms for performances, talks and seminars. IAC often hosts public events, ranging from concerts to symposia and exhibitions.


Hybriden, Comic Book Writers in Malmö
Hybriden is run by the associations Tusen serier and CBK and is a space for exhibitions, workshops studio and sales of comics. You find us at “Mitt Möllan” in Malmö


The North Norwegian Art Centre (NNKS) is a regional centre for visual art, comprising the entire region of Northern Norway. The art centre's office, gallery and artist residency is located in Svolvær, Lofoten. NNKS carries out an extensive range of activities in the region, focusing on contemporary art and crafts. The art centre curates and produces projects and exhibitions in the region, support projects and regional initiatives in the field of visual art and runs an extensive programme of workshops for youth and children all over Northern-Norway. The event in North of Norway is curated by Svein Ingvoll Pedersen and local sound artists.


MUU·is an artist run, Finnish interdisciplinary artist association, founded in 1987 to represent and promote new and experimental forms of art. These are such as media art, performance, video, environmental, space and conceptual art, sound and other experimental modes of cultural production. The aims of Muu are to develop the collaboration and interchange of artists working within different fields, to produce projects, events, seminars and exhibitions of the Muu (“the Other”) art fields and to arouse cultural political discussion.

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Malmö Stad / The city of Malmö

Region Skåne

Svenska Kulturfonden/Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland





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